Designing a better future

At switchrs we focus on strategic design throughout the entire design proces.

Innovation Workshops
with Impact

We make complex topics like Circular Economy, Social Design & Sustainable Development understandable for organisations and their people.

No boring lectures, but hands-on exercises & best-practices that help all attendees to understand the complex matters fast, and translate learnings to their day-to-day work environment.

Strategic Design
for a Better Future

The biggest challenge with big theoretical models like the Circular Economy and Social Innovation is knowing how to translate it in different contexts.
At Switchrs we are constantly keeping an eye on the social, economical and technological shifts that are shaping these contexts in which we work.

Based on these insights, and the patterns that emerge from them, we provide strategic consultancy using tools we created especially for dealing with Circular Economy and Social Innovation challenges.

Spreading ideas
Worth Sharing

At Switchrs, we're great fans of stories and the various ways of sharing them with others. That's why we write blogposts, give lectures or inspire audiences with stories & ideas we believe have to be told.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a lecture, inspiration session or tailor-made project.