Filou & Friends

Filou & Friends - Children fashion

Filou & Friends is a Belgian fashion brand focussed on designing and producing beautiful, playful, and quality apparel for children age 0 – 10 years old.

In order to keep pushing their position as frontrunner in the industry, Filou is exploring what it means to be fashion proof, play proof, and future proof now and in the coming years. Making a positive impact on kids, their families, and our planet.

Sustainable innovation consultant

Sustainable innovation matrix

We’re looking for a project innovation consultant who can support us in designing and facilitating the innovation processes of our clients, and who guides clients in translating their sustainability ambitions into strategic future business opportunities.

Spontaneous application

circular economy workshop

We’re always interested in meeting new people and hearing about your sustainability ambitions. Are you interested in working with us, but didn’t find the right job opening? Tell us why we should meet up and what you would like to do!