Filou & Friends - Fashion proof, Play proof, Future Proof

In order to keep pushing their position as frontrunner in the industry, Filou & friends is exploring what it means to be fashion proof, play proof, and future proof now and in the coming years. 

Filou & Friends - Fashion proof, Play proof, Future Proof

The challenge

Filou & Friends is a Belgian fashion brand focussed on designing and producing beautiful, playful, and quality apparel for children age 0 – 10 years old. With 20+ brand owned stores, Filou & Friends is a Belgian powerhouse in the fashion industry.

In order to keep pushing their position as frontrunner in the industry, Filou is exploring what it means to be fashion proof, play proof, and future proof now and in the coming years. Making a positive impact on kids, their families, and our planet.

Filou & Friends teamed up with switchrs to further refine their sustainability ambitions, and explore what new business opportunities lie within the circular economy.


What does “future proof” and sustainability mean for us as a company?


How can we engage our employees in this process, foster innovation company wide, and get everyone on board with our future-focussed strategy?


What concepts can we develop in the short, mid, and long term that will further position us as an ambitious and innovative player in the Belgian fashion industry?

Filou & Friends co-creation workshop
Filou & Friends fashion for children

What our client says

“Implementing a sustainability strategy calls for an unusual expertise. We found that expertise with switchrs who helped us in both designing a strategic framework, as well as translating it to clear projects and next steps. Their passion and drive to support companies that want to create a positive impact on the planet works contagious, and we’re looking forward to a continuation of our collaboration.”
Rudi Maes

CEO – Filou & Friends

Filou & Friends co-creation workshop

The Approach

For this projects we’ve designed a series of two full day co-creation workshops where we explored together with employees from every department at Filou & Friends what sustainability means for us, and how that translates into new business concepts and opportunities.

Moving from a broad sustainability focus towards an exploration of inspiring cases in the fashion industry, the participants defined focus points, designed concepts, and finetuned the overall ambitions.


Setting the scope of the project and defining how the bigger strategic ambitions and challenges can be linked with the topics of sustainability and circular economy.


Design and deploy of two full-day workshops where we introduced the company employees to design-thinking, business innovation, the Sustainable Development Goals, and circular business opportunities.


Consolidating all input from the workshops into a report with clear goals and concepts, aligned with the overall renewed company strategy.

Our solution

Filou & Friends is currently unfolding their sustainability ambitions and taking bold next steps in the circular economy. Switchrs remains closely engaged as a member of the steering committee and a soundboard to bounce off new ideas and next steps.

Filou & Friends workshop
Filou & Friends workshop

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