Maakleerplek — Open workplace for creative entrepreneurs

Maakleerplek roughly translates to make-learn-place. It’s an open workspace in the Belgian city of Leuven where schools, companies, creatives and citizens can meet up, share space and materials, make things, and learn from each other.

Maakleerplek — Turning sustainability
ambitions into actions

The challenge

Maakleerplek is an initiative by the city of Leuven where they brought together different stakeholders and organizations to co-create a business model that will shape and transform the Orshoven mills into a vibrant ecosystem where schools, citizens, artists, and companies can co-create new ideas and sustainable concepts.

The city of Leuven collaborated with switchrs to set up and facilitate the process where we guided +20 stakeholders in creating a shared vision and business model.


How can we co-create a shared vision for maakleerplek with +20 different stakeholders?


Can we develop a common business model that leaves enough room for individual autonomy?


How can we create a solid financial model where everyone contributes according to their ability?

concept design maakleerplek Leuven
Concept design maakleerplek Leuven

What our client says

“The collaboration with switchrs went very smoothly due to their clear communication and their ability to quickly shift gear and remain agile. Switchrs thinks in solutions and makes adjustments when necessary.”
Tine Brems

Coordinator maakleerplek – City of Leuven

maakleerplek concept design Leuven

The Approach

In an online co-creation process, we used a DIY approach with tools and templates for smaller groups to fill in themselves, and brought the results of these individual steps together in bigger online workshops where the common ground between all companies and ideas was further established.


Combination of online and offline events and workshops to keep the dynamic high.


Aligning the ambitions and ideas of +20 different stakeholders from companies, universities, NGOs and local government.


Keeping in sight the different agenda’s, timings and challenges.

Our solution

Together with all the stakeholders we managed to create a shared vision and intention agreement on which they are building further. After co-developing the business model and financial planning, switchrs also helped the different stakeholders in choosing the best legal structures to concretize the ambitions, and solidify the partnerships.

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