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Filou & Friends - Children fashion

Filou & Friends

Filou & Friends is a Belgian fashion brand focussed on designing and producing beautiful, playful, and quality apparel for children age 0 – 10 years old.

In order to keep pushing their position as frontrunner in the industry, Filou is exploring what it means to be fashion proof, play proof, and future proof now and in the coming years. Making a positive impact on kids, their families, and our planet.

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Sustainability report Sense


Sense covers several existing hospitality initiatives such as community restaurants, company restaurants and some hotel, seminar, and …

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Concept design maakleerplek Leuven

Maakleerplek Leuven

Maakleerplek roughly translates to make-learn-place. It’s an open workspace in the Belgian city of Leuven where schools, companies …

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Circular Economy retail Inspiration tour in Antwerp for Yves Rocher

Inspiration Tour Yves Rocher

In order to inspire the board of Yves Rocher on the future of sustainable retail, we took them on a field trip in Antwerp to see circular business …

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