Household products as a service.

photo credits: Bundles

About this case

Bundles is a Dutch company that brings high-quality household appliances as a service to customers.

Starting from the realization that more and more consumers bought low-quality appliances that break down easily, and end up costing more in the long run (on material cost and resource use-age (energy, water,…)). By servicing high-quality appliances in a subscription-based model,  Bundles wants to reduce total cost for users, while improving the quality of the service. In the service are also repair and upgrade services included. At the end of the life-cycle of a product, Bundles helps in bringing it back to the producer and fully recycling and re-using the materials and components.

While started with a washing machine service, Bundles has already expanded with tumble dryers, dishwashers and office coffee machines.

Key Info


Country (HQ)
Netherlands (Amsterdam)



Why is it circular?

Because Bundles uses high-end consumer electronics, the products are more energy and resource friendly, while delivering better quality. By using repair services, products are used longer and more efficiently, and by setting up a take-back system Bundles aims to reuse materials and component after end-of-life as much as possible.