Using mushrooms to create sustainable packaging materials

photo credits: ecovative

About this case

Mycelium is the root-network of mushrooms and molds. By mixing a mold with a biological substrate (coffee grounds, corn stalk…), ecovative grows mycelium materials that are lightweight, sound & heat insulating, and flame resistant. The first applications of the material were found in the packaging industry, but it’s slowly moving its way up to different markets (like building applications).

With its material, Ecovative wants to challenge the traditional packaging industry with a completely biobased material that can be home-composted in as little as 10 days when broken into pieces and put in your backyard.

By opening up it’s material research program, Ecovative has invited various companies and enthousiast to create better and new applications for their mycelium material.

Key Info

Country (HQ)
USA (New York)



Why is it circular?

With this material, it’s possible to create a new material out of organic waste streams, and completely bringing that material back into the soil as food for other plants in a matter of days.