The first shoe made out of chewing gum.

photo credits: Gum-Tec

About this case

In the Netherlands 1.5 million kilos of gum ends up on the street every year, making it the second most common litter after cigarettes. In a collaboration project between the city of Amsterdam, Gum-Tec & design Explicit Wear, the Gumshoe was created. The shoe’s sole is made of recyclable compounds (known as Gum-Tec) produced by Gumdrop, and those compounds are made up of 20 percent gum.

In every shoe, about 1kg of recycled gum is used. The shoes are available in bubblegum pink or black and red. They are available for 190 euros (about $232).

Key Info

Country (HQ)
the Netherlands (Amsterdam)



Why is it circular?

By recycling gum from the streets of Amsterdam, the need to use virgin synthetic rubber can be avoided. Apart from the sole, the rest of the shoe is made from leather. The collaborators are also looking into potentially allowing customers to recycle and replace the sole when they need to (for a fee). The creators want to expand the project to other major cities, and they want to introduce an easier and more sustainable way for people to get rid of their chewing gum.

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