Nnof (Nearly New Office Facilities)

Refurbishing office furniture into creative work environments.

photo credits: Nnof

About this case

Nnof (Nearly New Office Facilities) is a spin-off from a moving company that rethought how they dealt with the furniture they were replacing. Instead of replacing old and used furniture, they refurbish it into a new, tailor-made interior. Dressers become lockers, tables become chairs, room dividers get turned into flex desks.

By tapping into the already existing business model of being a moving company, Nnof doesn’t have to invest much in buying resources, giving them more room for creating local production facilities that can be competitive with existing players in the market.

Apart from the new furniture, Nnof also calculates the actual and avoided environmental impact of the new interior, and brings that to their customers in the form of a certificate.

Key Info


Country (HQ)
Belgium (Vilvoorde)



Why is it circular?

By reusing old furniture on a component level, Nnof saves a lot of energy that else might have been used in the recycling phase (if that phase would already have been part of the equation). At the end of the life cycle, the products can either find their way back to the traditional circuit of desk-furniture, or it might end up being repurposed again.

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