Organic baby clothes delivered at each phase of growth.

photo credits: UpChoose

About this case

UpChoose focusses on a part of the fashion-market that generates a lot of waste: baby clothing. The company sells new parents a full set of organic cotton clothes. As the babies grow, you can send the clothes back and get a discount for a set in the next size. Old clothes are resold in the same system to other parents as preloved sets. The company plans to expand to other products like toys and furniture.

Key Info


Country (HQ)
USA (San Francisco)



Why is it circular?

By reusing the clothing as long as its quality remains, UpChoose optimizes the effective use of the materials and taps into a shift of mindset from owner to user. The clothes themselves are also designed as sustainable as possible by using organic materials that were not treated with chemicals in the production process.