Sunglasses made of old dashboards and fridges.

photo credits: w.r.yuma

About this case

w.r.yuma is a Belgian startup that combines 3D printing, recycling and zero-stock production.

Together with Better Future Factory, they turn old dashboards and fridges into 3D-print filament, w.r.yuma designs sunglasses in a circular way.

Not only can you get a replacement part if something breaks down, you can also send back your broken down piece for full recycling and feeding it again into the production cycle. Whenever you want to buy a new pair of sunglasses, you can send your old pair back for a price reduction on the next set.

Everything is produced locally, transparent, and on demand.

Key Info


Country (HQ)
Belgium (Antwerp)



Why is it circular?

All materials used are fully recycled. w.r.yuma offers a full service to repair and maintain your glasses as good as possible, and they offer a take-back system to fully close the loop once you decide to pick another pair of sunglasses.