Circular Concept Studio


The big challenge in innovation is translating a good idea into a great concept that can help in future-proofing your company.

Turning you ideas into tangible, actionable concepts is exactly what we do in our Circular Concept Studio.

Circular Sprint

5 days
3-7 ppl/team

Design a concept and test it with clients. Based on the Google SPRINT methodology we take you on a 5 day rollercoaster that will bring you from ideation all the way up to concept validation.

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3 Month Innovation Process

3 months
3-12 ppl

Ideas and concepts often get better if you can invest some time in them. By taking the time in our 3 month process, we give the concept time to evolve and adapt to the business model. Continuously moving the ball forward while at the same time keeping track of the progress.

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Tailored process

2 weeks - 3 months
3-20 ppl.

Sometimes agendas and processes don’t match. At switchrs we always work tailor made for our clients. If you don’t find the right process for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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