How we help to execute your ideas fast & lean

What good is an idea if it sits on a shelf? We believe in doing and entrepreneurship. Although execution is different every time, there are 4 paths that we at switchrs can offer.

Innovation Strategy Consulting

per day
strategy designer

Just as innovation should be part of a company’s DNA, so should social innovation and circular economy. Sometimes what you need is not so much a new product or service, but a new perspective to look at the world.

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Impact Incubator & Accelerator

3-6 months
strategy designer

How to setup a proper in-house incubator for a sustainable & circular future?

Having +7 years experience in corporate venturing, we offer help towards accelerator and incubator programs, for companies who want to insource and upscale new ideas within their own frameworks.

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Startups as a Service

3 - 18 months
lean entrepreneur

In order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we need more, but also better business solutions capable of bringing in commercial capital to create and expand impact at scale.

We believe that large corporations hold a unique position to create these business solutions by bringing together the advantages of established business with the agile characteristics of start-ups through corporate impact venturing.

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Part of the Team

Until the job's done

We offer our skills as a part of your company’s team. We believe it could be interesting that, instead of hiring one person for a job that’s still to complex to nail down in one job description, it could be more beneficial to have the option to tap into a pool of expertise that goes beyond the usual “hit-and-run” consultancy.

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney

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