Ideation Workshops

Innovation never was faster than it is today, and will never again go as slow as it is today. With new technology and ideas emerging every day, it’s important to stay on top of your game and see what opportunities lie ahead for you and your business.

In our Ideation Workshops, we explore with you these new concepts and see through analogy thinking exercises how they can apply to your company.

Idea Boost

0.5 day
3-20 ppl

During this half day inspiration workshop we help you to generate new ideas and insights for your innovation challenge. This can be either focussed on a very specific topic of the SDGs or be the perfect opportunity to discover broader sustainability opportunities for your organisation. 

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Mars from Scratch

0.5 day
5-20 ppl

We often find that brainstorming about circular economy and the SDGs comes natural when thinking about Mars. In this half day workshop we use Mars as an analogy to come up with new & fresh ideas for your challenges.

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Corporate Cannibalism

2 days
5-20 ppl.

Don’t wait for someone else to disrupt your market, do it yourself. With an external point-of-view, we explore new opportunities and create disruptive future scenarios for your market.

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Circular Business Models

1 day
2-15 ppl

The Circular economy is often more a challenge in changing business models and behavior than it is a technical challenge. In this business model workshop, we’ll introduce you in these new mindsets and how to apply them to your organisation.

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“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.”

Suzanne Pellican

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