Impact training

Sustainable business innovation workshops and keynotes

Impact training

Sustainable business innovation workshops and keynotes

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(Online) Workshop

We believe in learning by doing. Designing and organizing workshops is strongly embedded in our DNA. If you want to get hands-on with sustainability or the circular economy with your team or at your event, we’ve got some ready-made workshops at your disposal, or could make a tailored workshop especially for your company or event.

We can organize every workshop both online and offline.

What we can help with

Exploring circular business patterns

Get hands-on with our loop tool and explore how various circular business models can impact your business model and value proposition. In this full-day workshop, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of what the circular economy is, and tap into your team’s sustainable entrepreneurship.

Mars from scratch

When talking about space exploration, we often talk about how to get there, but rarely on what we will do there. During this half-day workshop we’ll use Mars as a framework to look into the future. As a way to look beyond what is and explore what could be

You can use this workshop as a break-out session during your event or in your company to open up participants to new ideas, innovations and possibilities.

Citify - creating your sustainable city strategy

A series of workshops created especially for local governments who want to develop a sustainable city strategy. Together with international keynote speaker and trendwatcher Stefaan Vandist, we developed an innovation sprint for local governments to translate the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) on a local level, and engage citizens, organizations and local entrepreneurs with your sustainability strategy.

Tailor-made workshop

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we tailor all our workshops and lectures to our client’s needs. Reach out to us and let’s plan in a short call to explore how we can help you with a tailored workshop for your company or event!

Keynote sustainability and the circular Economy

Public speaking

Apart from setting up and supporting new projects, we love to share our insights, ideas and tools. We’ve had the pleasure of taking the stage at TEDx conferences, global networking events, giving guest lectures at universities, and even created a theatrical performance lecture  once. We can host our keynotes and lectures both online and offline, and will always find ways to engage with our audience.

What we can help with

Introduction to sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

What does sustainability mean? What are the global goals? And above all, how does it translate into practice? What can you do with it? What are some of the most inspiring sustainable business examples?

In this one to two hour lecture, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of sustainability, tailoring the examples and interactions on the sector or topic you’re working on.

Circular business model patterns

The circular economy is hot. Everyone’s talking about it, but what exactly are they talking about? Because the circular economy is still relatively new, lectures often stop on a theoretical level when discussing it. 

In our business model patterns lecture, we explore more in depth what the circular economy is, and what new business models, design methodologies, and value propositions arise from it. Showing how doing good business and doing business for good can be two sides of the same coin.

Sustainability as a design challenge

At switchrs we believe that in its essence, sustainability is a design challenge rather than a technology challenge. But what exactly is design thinking, and how do innovation processes work? In this keynote we focus on design as a superpower, and how to manage unknown unknown through the right innovation tools and mindsets.

Tailor-made keynote or inspiring speech

Looking for a longer, shorter, more generic or more focussed keynote? Let’s plan in a short video call and see if we can help you out! Looking for an event-host, debate moderator, or inspirational speaker to give an opening or closing speech on your event? Let’s talk!

Reach out!

Leave your credentials and we’ll contact you to make impact, together.

Leave your credentials and we’ll contact you to make impact, together.

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