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Our Circular Economy inspiration game that guides you in exploring opportunities in the circular economy.

What it is

Loop is a card deck that can guide you in exploring opportunities in the circular economy. This innovation tool is a must have for professionals who want to design new business models, products and services with a circular economy mindset. 

The Tool is perfect to help you during the ideation phase at the start of a new project or when you want to make a certain product or service more sustainable.


How to us it

The Loop Tool lists all the steps of the production-consumption chain and allows you to develop new insights into circular products and services. 

These new approaches are always accompanied by great examples of a product or services who applies and preaches them. The examples help you in the ideating phase and to translate your business to a more sustainable business model.

What it contains

The Loop contains a total of 65 different cards, divided into 9 different categories. This means 37 different cards that unravel different ways of looking at the circular economy, accompanied by a clear practical example.

 Loop also contains 5 preset brainstorm exercises to do individually or with the whole team. Finally, 8 Mindset cards provide a mind shift towards a purpose-driven policy structure.

Category Cards

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x 9

Loop divides the production-consumption chain into six different categories and links tangible principles to them. Loop also discusses Pricing Models, Partnerships and Mindsets.


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The principle cards concretise the different categories and give a clear example of a company or product that applies and preaches this principle.


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x 8

Companies that want to thrive in the circular economy understand above all that a company is build around a shared vision and shared values. The mindset cards help you to find this vision.

Brainstorm exercises

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The manual includes an introduction to the brainstorm tool, a brief overview of the cards, and six different brainstorm tools to get started.

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exercises specially designed for the Loop Tool

MoSCoW Mindsets

Make a reasoned selection of which sustainable values your company puts first

Driving Forces

Map the impact of your strategic choices on the rest of the product cycle