Did you recently wonder how circular economy in Flanders is doing?

Last summer, I wanted to find out. In search for the answer to my question, I joined forces with the news website Apache.

It ended up with me interviewing three experts sharing their insights on the current state of affairs. Click on the links below to read the interviews.

  • > Karel Van Acker, professor in sustainable materials at KULeuven, shared his expertise on recycling and sustainable business models.

  • > Frederik Loeckx, head of Flux50, an organisation making the path for sustainable energy supply, talked about closing nuclear power plants, the problems with batteries and the phenomenon of Dunkelflaute.

  • > Jasmien Wildemeersch, cofounder of FoodWIN, a European network against food waste, explained that about one third of all food produced ends up in the bin, and she shared her tips and tricks to minimize food waste.

There’s a lot of information condensed in these three articles.. Hope you enjoy the update!

(in Dutch only)