With switchrs we want to bridge the gap between sustainability and business design.
We translate big ambitions into big solutions & complex challenges into great opportunities.
But above all, we put our money where our mouth is and walk the talk.

Our consulting services are based on the 3-step methodology Evaluate – Explore – Execute. We believe in generating structural impact by moving from evaluation to exploration, and bring new opportunities concepts into execution, always trying to empower the people involved.


It’s hard to see where to go to, or aim for, if you’re not sure where you’re starting from. Our evaluation phase is all about mapping progress and coaching your organisation in maximising impact.


Predicting the future is impossible. Creating it on the other hand is exactly what innovative companies do. With our proven innovation formats, we help organisations to create impact.


Innovation Strategy Consulting and Corporate Impact Venturing are two pillars on which we build execution. Where Innovation Strategy Consulting is focussed more on bringing tools and insights on social impact and circular economy to your organisation, Corporate Impact Venturing is much more about teaming up with you and creating something new by combining our complementary skills and expertise.