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circular economy – business model design – design thinking – sustainability – disruptive social innovation

Circular Economy

30-60 min.

In this interactive talk, we will talk about the crucial role companies have to foster the shift from a linear to a circular economy. Which (circular) design principles they take into account, from which companies can we learn & how can you create impact today?

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What’s in a name?

30-60 min.

Social innovation, SDGs, circular economy, dougnut economics, csr, sustainability,… The amount of terms, definitions, and interpretations are immense. In this course we’ll introduce you in the foundations of these ways to look at sustainability and social innovation, how they are similar (abd where not), but most importantly, how to communicatie about your ambitions without getting tangled up in terms nobody understands or uses differently. 

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Sustainability x your industry

+/- 60 min.

What does sustainability mean for your industry? In this personalised keynote, together we explore how your products & services could look in the future and learn from startups and organisations that already make impact today!

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“Change is directed through design as a process, and the good thing about processes is that they can be copied, changed to fit and upscaled.”

Jan Leyssens

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