Quickly discover new opportunities for your company

10 min./case

1-4 ppl.

What is it for?

Good artist borrow, great artists steal! Why trying to reinvent the weel if you can learn from others? Analogy thinking is used to explore inspiring cases and mix their top features with your industry, to come up with new powerful concepts.

You can find an example of analogy thinking in this blogpost.

– Inspiring case(s)
– Post-its (when group-brainstorming)
– Something to write

Download the Template

How does it work?

  1. Print the template (on A4 is fine to start)
  2. Look for an interesting case (you can use our cases if you want)
  3. Try to find out what it is that makes this case so inspiring
  4. Translate these small golden nuggets to your company
  5. See how it translates on both business model and product innovation level

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