A tool to generate sustainable ideas around your innovation topics

30 min.

2-4 ppl.

What is it for?

It is often difficult for companies to focus on circular and sustainable goals because there is a lack of focus. The sustainability matrix in combination with an overview of the Circular Economy Principles gives you more guidance with generating ideas to set your goals. Choose your companies innovation topics and specific Circular Economy Principles to come op with new ideas.

– An overview of the several Circular Economy Principles
– Post-its
– Something to write

How does it work?

  1. Print the template of the Sustainability Matrix (on A3 is fine to start)
  2. Check out the overview of the several Circular Economy Principles.
  3. Select your top four Circular Economy Principles
  4. Define your companies innovation topics.
  5. Come up with new solutions by filling in the matrix 

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