Hi, we’re Switchrs

We’re a strategic innovation agency for social impact & circular economy.

We design, support, and empower changemakers and organisations that want to explore the circular economy and generate social impact.

Our goal is to turn circular and social ambitions into action.

We do this through strategic innovation processes, workshops, lectures, innovation consultancy, business model design and more.

You can learn all about our services here.

We’re a collective of entrepreneurial activists.

Entrepreneurial because we believe in pragmatism and trying out, activism because we always start from societal relevance.

As a collective of entrepreneurial activists, we combine the talents needed for any challenge. We develop customised processes to respond as best as possible to your organisation’s needs.

Read more about it in our Manifest.

We’re on a mission.

A mission to empower at least 2.500.000 entrepreneurial activists by 2025.

Target 2019

Empowering 500 entrepreneurial activists


Target 2025

Empowering 2.500.000 entrepreneurial activists